Community Partners: Engineers without Borders and Fair Trade Ottawa

This year Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival is partnering up with Engineers without Borders and Fair Trade Ottawa!

Engineers without Borders (EWB) is a movement of professional engineers, students, overseas volunteer staff, and supporters across Canada. Together, [they] are almost 50,000 strong. [They] believe that the next generation of rural Africans should have the same opportunities to improve their lives, that we have right here [in Canada].
To help make this a reality, [their] members and volunteers apply all the creativity, technical skills and problem-solving approach for which engineers are known.
In Africa, [their] committed and innovative volunteers work in partnership with local organizations and communities – combining [their] knowledge and experience to find unique solutions and devise innovative ways to apply them. [Their] work is focused on enabling rural Africans the opportunity to access clean water, generate an income from humble farms, and access critical infrastructure and services.
At home, EWB is leveraging [their] network of 34 professional and student chapters to create lasting change across Canada. [They] engage Canadians, our government, companies, and universities on a widespread scale, to build their connections to Africa and make choices that better promote and contribute to human development.

First and foremost, Fair Trade Ottawa Équitable (FTOÉ) has one primary goal: to get Fair Trade Town status. Such a status would allow for wider availability of Fair Trade products and stronger city council and community support for Fair trade initiatives. In order to secure this status these six goals set forth by Fair Trade Canada, need to be achieved:
1. Support from local council
2. Wide availability of Fair Trade products
3. Support from community groups (churches, schools, etc.)
4. Public support and media awareness
5. A steering committee is put into place to ensure accountability
6. Other ethical and sustainable initiatives are supported in the community
While working to achieve these goals, FTOÉ focuses on awareness-raising as a key element in our work. [They] are constantly encouraging the residents of Ottawa to take action in creating lasting change that has a global affect. Striving to secure Ottawa as a national leader in sustainability practices and social justice is a case worth fighting for!
[Their] campaigns and events strive to move beyond the choices of the individual to affect the choices of a whole city; in [their] case, the city of Ottawa. At its core, fair trade is about getting consumers to think critically about the products they buy and to make purchases that promote ‘equal pay for equal work’ ethics and environmentally sustainable business practices.

To learn more about these excellent organizations, you can attend their Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival screening of:

the people and the olive

The People & The Olive (2012)
Friday, July 26, 2013 9PM
Dundonald Park (Somerset W and Lyon)

EWB and FTOÉ will be offering free, Fair Trade treats courtesy of their partners. There will be organic coffee from Bridgehead, organic peanut butter snack bars from Camino Amigos, and  Ten Thousand Villages will have both samples of olive oil and 200 coupons for $2 off a bottle purchased at one of their locations in Ottawa.

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can.
All proceeds go to EWB and FTOÉ.

Join our event on Facebook.


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