Community Partner: Carleton University Womyn’s Centre

Centretown Movies is partnering with Carleton University Womyn’s Centre!

Carleton University Womyn’s Centre provides students with a grassroots feminist space which takes pride in upholding a critical standard with the intent to build solidarity on our university campus. [Their] space is used for a variety of purposes, firstly it is a space where folks can gather, talk, exchange ideas, and gain support. Don’t let the name fool you though, the Womyn’s Centre is a space for those who identify as womyn but also anyone interested in gendered based issues.

The centre also provides folks with an extensive resource library on womyn and gendered issues, directories and referral services, peer support, as well as hosts a number of events. The centre also demonstrates strong lobbying efforts dedicated to demystifying our gendered society through educational and advocacy campaigns [on campus] such as the ‘No Means No Campaign to End Sexual Violence’. As well as exciting events such as ‘The Colourful Vagina’ which is an event where all who identify as female showcase their talent, creativity, and culture.

Over the years the Womyn’s Centre has been active in lobbying the [Carleton University] administration on a number of important issues concerning women such as better lighting, access to reproductive health information, more effective sexual harassment policies, and greater funding for Women Studies courses.

Learn more about the Carleton University Womyn’s Centre by attending their Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival Screening of:


Miss Representation (2011)
Friday, August 16, 2013 9PM
Dundonald Park 
(Somerset W and Lyon)

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can.

All proceeds go to Carleton University Womyn’s Centre.

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