Community Partner: Mines Action Canada

Centretown Movies is excited to partner with Mines Action Canada. MAC is an international leader in working to eliminate the serious humanitarian, environmental and development consequences of land mines, cluster bombs and other explosive remnants of war.

They are committed global advocates working to alleviate the impact of these weapons have on rights, dignity and well being of civilian populations. They  engage the public; support domestic and international partners; research and monitor the performance and compliance levels of disarmament and humanitarian laws; and  develop and disseminate resources.

Landmines, cluster bombs and explosive remnants of war still kill 4,000 new, innocent people each year. These victim-activated weapons are a threat to daily living and the plague of wars that are long over.

Learn more about MAC’s goals and how they make change by attending Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival screening of:


Eyes of Thailand (2012)

Friday, August 8th 2014 9pm

Dundonald Park (Somerset W and Lyon)

Admission is Pay-What-You-Can.


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