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For GENERAL INQUIRIES, VOLUNTEERING information, or CONCERNS about our website, please write to:

info [at] centretownmovies [dot] org

Snail Mail

Centretown Movies c/o Natasha Beaudin
Centretown Community Health Centre
420 Cooper St.
Ottawa, ON
K2P 2N6


Interested in more activities taking place in Dundonald Park this summer? Please see this calendar on the CCHC website.


20 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Jessica says:

    Hi, on August 9th there will be fireworks held at the Museum of History starting at the same time as the movie. Do you think the sound of them will disrupt the movie?

    1. centretownmovies says:

      Metered street parking is available along Maclaren, Bay and many of the other streets close to Dundonald Park. Finding an unused parking spot in Centretown on a Friday or Saturday evening can be a challenge, you may want to leave a couple minutes early.

  2. Amy says:

    Is there a telephone number to reach the organizers? I’ve love to speak to somebody about sponsoring or partnering for one of the screenings!

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