The Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival Wins Praise!

Since our inaugural summer in 2001, the Centretown Movies Outdoor Film Festival has strived to foster a sense of community in Ottawa, and we’ve done that primarily through the love of movies. And we’ve seen that community respond in full: in 2006, we moved to Dundonald Park to be able to expand our audience, and over the years, we’ve received more money through grants to obtain better equipment, and programming.

That has made the festival bigger and better each year, and 2018 is on track to follow that same pattern. And recently, we received some good news: we were named one of the top 20 film festivals in all of North America!

That’s the latest from FlightNetwork, North America’s leading travel agency, who releases guides on the hottest trends and festivals to seek out year in, year out. Here’s what they had to say about us:

“This FREE festival under the stars, is run purely by the passion of volunteers.

The festival runs for 5 weeks every summer, on both Friday’s and Saturday’s, in July and August. Every Friday night, they partner with a community organization. They present a film and gather donations for their organization. On Saturday nights, Centretown Movies presents a film of their own and collects donations to help support the festival and future festivals.”

That about sums it up—but our full programming this summer can be found here. We’re already in the thick of our 2018 season, and cannot wait to welcome more film lovers out from the community. See you out there! And be sure to check out FlightNetwork out on Facebook and Twitter.



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